Thought for Thursday

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body, and be ye thankful. Colossians 3:15

We took our three-year-old granddaughter to the hardware store, where she showed a keen interest in the many fascinating things she found there. Her bubbly personality and constant chatter caught the attention of one of the clerks, who talked to her and showed her how to use the big magnet to pick up loose nails that had fallen from their bins onto the floor. The clerk told Grace to be sure to collect a lollipop at the checkout, for being a good girl. At the checkout, the multicoloured lollipop was so fascinating that Grace almost forgot to thank the lady who gave it to her. Almost, but she did express her thanks, and was complimented for her good manners. Grace did better than most people nowadays, who are rarely thankful for anything. On the other hand, Christians should be thankful for everything.

Being thankful is far more than good manners. Being thankful shows a proper attitude to God for all his loving kindness and to those around us for their kindness and care. Perhaps thanklessness comes from the spirit of entitlement that is part of the baby boom generation, and their children. Living in a world where there was always enough and often too much, a world where raising a little fuss would often get us whatever we wanted, a world in which parents preferred to pamper rather than discipline their children, has produced a world where thanklessness is a way of life. This attitude became very obvious in the occupy moment that occurred in many major cities throughout our land and in other countries. Instead of appreciating what they had, occupiers demanded what other people have, regardless of whether they earned or deserved it. When it comes to the blessings of God, you and I could never earn or deserve them. That’s why we should always be thankful. That’s why everything we receive from God, or from anyone else for that matter, should cause us to respond with deep gratitude. As Christians, we have far more to be thankful for than others do. We should cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, and we should freely express our thanks.

Our thanks should always be the first thing mentioned in our prayers. Oh, how good our God has been to us! We must appreciate our salvation and all the great blessings that spring from it. We must also appreciate all the temporal blessings we receive, acknowledging that we did not even deserve the drink of cold water we last enjoyed. Our families also deserve a lot of thanks for putting up with us, and for all they do. So do the other members of our Assembly. And when was the last time you thanked the members of your Assembly oversight for their care and guidance? Keep in mind that a thankful spirit is a good testimony and goes a long ways in attracting sinners to the Gospel.

Counting our blessings ever day will help to keep us thankful, but we can never be thankful enough. -Jim MacIntosh

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