Tidings for Tuesday

But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

The rich people of this world are divided into two very distinct classes: Those who have a great deal of money, and those who have very little need of things. If you are like me, you probably don’t know very many people of the first type. The Lord’s people are noted for being in humble circumstances, and while there are those among us who have large incomes and resources, they are few. But the interesting thing is that those rich people of the second type can be any of us, with the right attitude. If we reduce our expectations and desires significantly, we can be rich with what we have. I think Paul’s words in today’s text are directed at those saints who have a proper view of material things.
Note that Paul does not say God will supply our desires or our wishes. I might want a newer, more powerful computer. But the one I am using is still functioning. You might desire that lovely coat in the shop window, but your current coat is still serviceable and adequate. It’s nice to get new and better things, but God, Who knows what we truly need, does not promise us those things. However, He Who knows what we truly need has promised to supply those needs. If God’s provision has not extended to you something that you long for, maybe He’s telling you that you don’t need it. Otherwise, He would have supplied it.
Today’s text is a wonderful promise! Properly understood and accepted, this promise should eliminate ulcers among God’s people. We have nothing to worry about; all our needs are guaranteed. The Lord, who knows far better than we do what we need presents to us this unconditional guarantee of supply. His knowledge of our needs coupled with His perfect love for us ought to delight our souls today.

The more we understand and appreciate that God’s care for us extends to all our needs, the more wealthy we become. If we want what He wants for us, and if we allow Him to supply us, all our needs are met. And that makes us rich! -Jim MacIntosh




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