Lesson for the Lord’s Day

I have manifested Thy Name unto the men which Thou gavest Me out of the world. Thine they were, and Thou gavest them Me, and they have kept Thy Word. John 17:6

The little boy loaded his tiny plastic wheelbarrow with sand, and followed his father’s huge wheelbarrow into the unfinished building where his father was preparing to pour a concrete floor. Just like his father, the lad dumped his little wheelbarrow and headed back to the sand pile outside. As they refilled their wheelbarrows, an acquaintance came by to chat with the father. The friend remarked that the little boy was doing a big job. Proudly, the father nodded his head, and declared, ‘Yep, he’s a big help on this job!’ The father’s delight in his son’s efforts is much like the Lord Jesus in his delight in his disciples, and in us.

We might have been hard pressed to find much to praise in that bunch of complainers, of doubters, of braggarts, and of little faith. But the Lord Jesus, who knew them better than you and I do, was so thankful that His Father had given this bunch of disciples to Him. He was pleased that they had learned about Him and followed Him, and had confessed Him as the Christ. And He declared that they had kept the Father’s Word. This seems a bit of a stretch to us, but He knew of their coming faithfulness in a coming day. He knew of their struggles to learn the lessons He was teaching them. And most of all, He knew of their perfect position as  His possession.

When we measure ourselves against the disciples, we have little to be proud of. At least they had a deep desire to be in His presence, and to follow him, and even to suffer for Him. Can we say that much? But, like them, we have been taken from the world, and presented to the Lord Jesus as His possession. Although we have not always kept His word, we have tried, and we have succeeded far more than the poor lost world around us. Measuring us against the world, the Lord Jesus is pleased with us. And viewed in terms of our eternal standing as joint heirs with Him, He sees us in the sinless perfection that He has granted us. This is very humbling when we consider we do not deserve His affection and delight in us. But it is also very uplifting to consider what we are in Him.

Let us obey the Word of God, that our state might be that of obedient children, just as our standing is. -Jim MacIntosh

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