Meditation for Monday

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6:10

We were travelling through a secondary highway in southern Maine as we were making our way toward a summer vacation destination, enjoying the lovely countryside. All of a sudden, Shawn slammed on the brakes, and put the van into reverse. He stopped beside an elderly man who was driving a ride-on lawn mower that had slid into the ditch. The man appeared helpless to get the machine out. In a few seconds, Shawn and I had the machine back on the level. The man was wonderfully grateful. A small act, but Shawn had his eye out for opportunities to do good. And he found one.

Our text today reminds us that our responsibility to do good does not stop with our brothers and sisters in Christ, although it points out that these are especially important. It is easy to think about helping other Christians, because we spend more time with them, see them on a regular basis, and work with them in the activities of the Assembly. We also see other Christians, those who don’t gather as we do but who hold to the same truths regarding the Gospel and the Person of Christ. We help them. No problem.

But our text says we are to do good unto all men, as we have opportunity. How do we do that? May I suggest the best way is to look for opportunities. Keep our minds open to those around us who could benefit from our doing good. Some elderly people need a hand at doing some of the chores or fixing something that is broken. Some others need a bit of companionship, maybe a cup of tea or even a phone call. In so many practical ways, we could provide practical help that would be deeply appreciated. Of course, we should share the Gospel with our neighbours and fellow-workers, because eternal life is their greatest need. But we should also look for ways to be kind to them.

Keep your eye open today. There are plenty of opportunities to do good all around you. Just like Jesus did! -Jim MacIntosh

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