Food for Friday

Is He the God of the Jews only? Is He not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also. Romans 3:29

I remember when I was a youngster we used to sing a chorus that went something like this: Every promise in the Book is mine, Every chapter, every verse, every line, All the blessings of His love divine; Every promise in the Book is mine. It’s a lovely chorus, but, of course, it’s not true. Many of the promises in the Book are mine and yours. We can appreciate and rejoice in them as children of God. But major portions of the Book have promises that do not relate to me at all, but to God’s earthly people, the Jews. We need to be careful that we distinguish between what God has for each. But our text points out one important thing that is the same: we have the same God. And He is just as interested in blessing us as He is in blessing Israel.

Paul had been involved in the thrilling expansion of Christianity from the time it applied primarily to the Jews to its reaching into Greece, Rome, and many other areas populated almost exclusively by Gentiles. He met with Assemblies where every believer was a Jew and planted Assemblies where every believer was a Gentile. He knew all about the breaking down of the middle wall of partition (Ephesians 2:14) and the abolition of differences. And he reminds us today of that.

The God Who delivered the Israelites from Egypt’s bondage is the same God Who has delivered us from wrath and the power of sin. The same God Who led and sustained His people through the wilderness leads and sustains us today through a stranger’s land. The same God Who offered Israel a promised land for a dwelling today offers us the hope of Glory and the promise of His soon return. The same God who committed His oracles of law and ordinances to the Israelite today commits to us the glorious truths of gathering to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The same God Who desired obedience and worship from Israel desires obedience and worship from His redeemed people today.

Yes, we are in a different position than the Children of Israel in terms of our relationship with God. But He loves us just the same, and has given us exceeding rich and precious promises. -Jim MacIntosh

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