Word for Wednesday

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. Revelation 22:21

Have you ever thought about what you would like to say for your very last words? Assume you are on your deathbed and your last strength is ebbing away, you open your mouth and say – what? Do you shout defiance against the disease that is claiming you? Do you whisper words of comfort and farewell to loved ones? Do you quote a favourite verse of Scripture that has sustained you throughout life? Books have been written about the words spoken by famous – and infamous – people as they were expiring. Last words are important. And when we come to the Word of God, the last words are particularly powerful and sweet!

Today’s text comes at the end of John’s description of the revelation he received while exiled on Patmos. This verse is the final breathing of the Holy Spirit as He moved the last of the holy men of God to speak. In a way, this verse encapsulates the entire of Scripture that comes before it, because it speaks of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. No more glorious theme can we take into our minds and hearts and on our lips! His grace tells us that He came to dwell amid us in our poverty, and through His poverty elevating us to righteousness that we might dwell forever with Him.

God’s desire is that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ would be with us all. This being the case, we need to remind those who do not know of this grace of its availability. These last words are a call to zeal in the Gospel as well as a call to conformity with the Saviour. It is also a call for us who have entered into this grace to appreciate it and know more of it. This final verse of Scripture takes us back to the rest of the Book, that we might know more about the Lord.

Yes, God will speak again, with a voice that splits the heavens and calls us Home. But even that Word is wrapped up in today’s text, the last words of Scripture. May we treasure them today as they remind us of undeserved eternal blessings. -Jim MacIntosh

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