Meditation for Monday

Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise in the congregation of saints. Psalm 149:1

I remember as a lad sitting in front of a Christian who had virtually no singing ability but who was trying his best to contribute to the hymn being sung at the start of the weekly prayer meeting in Oxford. This brother’s monotone rendition made me wonder why he even tried. Looking back on the incident now, I am glad that he did. He knew that singing is far more important than singing well. I don’t sing well, myself, so it a comfort to know that the Lord appreciates the effort, if not the harmony. I have been in some places where the singing is little short of dreadful, musically speaking. In some cases, the saints simply do not have the skills, they struggle faithfully to do their best and God is pleased. In other cases, the saints just don’t put much effort into the singing, and I doubt that God receives much glory.

Why should we sing during our meetings? Because we are told to. Scripture makes it plain that part of a New Testament Assembly meeting is the singing of hymns and spiritual songs. We have been richly blessed with excellent hymn books and, in many cases, with excellent singers. We have no excuse for not trying. Or at least we won’t once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

The psalmist reminds us that we have a new song, a song that even the Children of Israel were unable to sing. We have so much to sing about, we have so much reason to lift our voices in praise and worship, and we have so many excellent songs to employ.

Let us make use of this valuable aspect of our Assembly meetings, to express our joy at our salvation, to express our appreciation to our Saviour for His love, mercy, and grace, and to express to God our reverence for Who He is and what He does. -Jim MacIntosh

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