Sermonette for Saturday

And on the morrow, when he departed, he took out two pence and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him, and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee. Luke 10:35

There was a successful effort a few years ago in our nation to get rid of the lowly penny. I supported such a move, because that little brown coin had a way of multiplying in my change purse, and it represented next to nothing in terms of purchasing power. You couldn’t even buy penny candy anymore at the corner store! Inflation had rendered that coin irrelevant and devoid of value. What about the two pence that the Samaritan gave to the innkeeper, were they of any value?

My Scofield reference tells me the two pence represented only about 30 cents, not very much even if we take inflation into account. Unless the Samaritan was planning a quick return, that amount would be used up rapidly in the care of the injured man. So the real value of the two pence was their representation of the debt settlement that would be made on the Samaritan’s return. We have a similar situation today, as the Lord Jesus has saved us and brought us to the inn of His Assembly. Is the Assembly adequately compensated for its care of the Saints? Maybe not today, but surely on the glorious morrow of our Lord’s return!

I have spoken to elders in Assemblies where troubles and schisms have risen, where heart-breaking decisions have had to be made, where long hours, lengthy prayers, frequent tears, and many dollars have been required to resolve, or at least attempt to resolve, the problems. It is easy to wonder whether the agony of oversight is worth it. But there is a day of repayment coming.

Many of the Lord’s people are generous in the hospitality they extend to fellow saints. Many are generous in their support for the Lord’s full-time servants, missionaries, and other aspects of the Lord’s work. Some people give heavily of their time to serve the Assembly and its members. And what do these folks get in return? Let’s hope they receive plenty of thanks. If they sometimes wonder if it is all worthwhile, let them remember that there is a day of repayment coming.

We don’t read of any hesitation on the part of the host to accept the two pence and to wait for repayment. Let us not hesitate today to invest in the Lord’s people and in the Lord’s work, and rejoice at the prospects of the day of repayment. It must surely be soon! -Jim MacIntosh

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