Thought for Thursday

Notwithstanding, in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in Heaven. Luke 10:20

It is difficult not to look down when walking through the lobby of Harbour Station in Saint John. Despite the classy appearance of this 7000-seat entertainment and sports arena, the very tiles that you walk over to reach the box office and the seating bowls are covered with interesting information. When Harbour Station was built, people were offered the privilege, for a fee, of having their names or their message engraved into one of the floor tiles. The response was overwhelming… most of the tiles have names on them. And people who visit the arena read them! Most people love to have their names displayed and noticed. If only they would have the same desire to have their names written in Heaven!

Those who returned from the mission to which Jesus sent them were rejoicing at the power they had available from Him. We too have power available to us, as we live and work and witness in this world. The Holy Spirit guides and protects us in ways that we can seldom realize. He directs us in our service for our Lord. He also gives us hope, comfort, and confidence for our pilgrim pathway. But all that our Salvation means to us here on earth fades into insignificance when we consider the prospects of Glory. Oh, what a future is ours!

To be free from the physical cares and limitations of these mortal bodies is surely a wonderful expectation. To know that Jesus Himself is preparing a mansion for us is also very special. To know that the loved ones we have seen depart their mortal frames are waiting on that shore to hail our arrival is such a comfort. But our text places the most important and joyous fact of heaven for us is the knowledge that our names are written there. God Himself has made our reservation for Glory. The reservation is irrevocable and eternal. There is no overbooking and no possibility of cancellation.

Regardless of where your name appears here in this world, or where it doesn’t appear, it is recorded forever in Heaven. Rejoice! -Jim MacIntosh

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