Tidings for Tuesday

And yet I say unto you that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Matthew 6:29

The strange people who run the clothing design business – the successful ones at least – are very wealthy and influential. Their creations set the trend for whatever women will wear that year. When the designers unveil their latest work, fashion magazines scramble to get the details and to take pictures. The best looking (in their opinion) models are hired to display the new garments. And although those clothes may look weird to some of us, they set the trend for millions. Funny thing, though, most of the top fashion items of five years ago are not anywhere to be seen this year. Few designers can create anything of lasting beauty and appeal. Not so the Designer of the wonderful creation around us!

Some little white flowers grew on our lawn, so insignificant that I took no notice of them. But somebody picked one of those plants and placed it under a large microscope. Suddenly, the flower was displayed in wonderful beauty and symmetry. The colours around the pearly white petals were spectacular. Evidence of a Designer was apparent in its every pattern. No man, and certainly no haphazard chance, had developed that item of wondrous beauty. When Jesus pointed to the lilies of the field and declared their array greater than Solomon’s glory, He was not understating. Solomon would have worn the best garments that designers of his day could produce, and yet, those garments fell short of the beauty in meadow weeds. Does this fact alone not convince us that such beauty cannot come from anywhere but from the mind and hands of the greatest Designer of all? Have we ever pointed out this truth to our children? Or are we allowing the godless schools of today to brainwash our children’s minds with the folly of evolution’s lies?

Solomon in all his glory was arrayed by the men who knew how to design garments well. Evolution in all its folly arrays itself in impossible theories and the rejection of an all-wise Designer. Is it possible that, given enough time, enough billions of years, that evolution, at least some of it, could have produced what we see around us in nature? Many Christians seem to think so. But they do so assuming that the so-called scientists have proven that the fossil record records such ancient aeons. Actually, the fossil record proves the opposite, but that fact is not taught in schools or told in the media. No law of nature allows a little flower, however insignificant, to develop and arise from a dead rock. Only a Designer with all wisdom and power could array a flower in such glory.

How did the flowers obtain their glory? Are you sure you know the answer? -Jim MacIntosh

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