Tidings for Tuesday

When Jesus had spoken these words, He went forth with His disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which He entered, and His disciples. John 18:1

There is an ongoing case in Saint John of a prominent businessman who was discovered murdered at his desk in his office. Police are reluctant to release many of the details, because nobody has been charged yet with the crime. But one of the facts they did release was that the man almost certainly knew his killer and was apparently comfortable having that person in his office. If that is the case, it is obvious that Dick Oland never expected to be attacked in his own office. In contrast, although the Lord Jesus certainly knew who His betrayer was, he also knew the time and the place when Judas and the temple mob would come to capture Him. And yet, He went to the garden.

From the way in which the Lord Jesus was speaking, and from His giving them the Remembrance feast, the disciples must have known that something important was about to happen. But they never guessed that it would happen in that garden, or they would never have gone. If you and I had been there, we would have run the other way. Looking back on that night, the disciples would certainly have seen that the Lord was telling them plainly what was about to happen. But they failed to put the pieces together. For them, the venture into the garden was just part of a special night with their Lord. But for Him, it was the most dramatic turning point in His entire ministry.

God’s plan of salvation was crafted in eternity. It was launched in Bethlehem, displayed for 33 years in Israel, and preached and demonstrated for three years. But it was at Gethsemane that our Saviour submitted Himself to His own creatures to be rejected, despised, and forsaken. It was in that garden where he presented Himself to God as His obedient and willing sacrifice, and then presented Himself to the temple mob. We are amazed at His devotion to His Father’s will His commitment to be our Saviour.

In all things, the Lord Jesus is our perfect Example. There are places you and I should go today if we are to be obedient to our Lord, and there are things that you and I should do today in obedience. But to do them would expose us to the enemy’s attacks. Dare we?

As we consider the example of our Lord, we realize that there is a garden to be entered, a Cedron brook to cross, that will make or break us as faithful Christians. -Jim MacIntosh

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