Archived Audio Messages

Gospel Messages:

Tyler Gillcash March 1/09: gospel-tylerg-mar-1

Joseph Potter March 22/09: joseph-potter-mar-22-09

Allen McCandless March 29/09: gospel-allen-m-mar-29-09

Jon Procopio March 29/09: gospel-jon-p-mar-29-09

David Beckett April 5/09: gospel-david-beckett-apr-5-09

Tyler Gillcash April 19/09: gospel-tyler-g-apr-19-09

Trevor McClelland April 19/09: gospel-trev-m-apr-19-09


The following are messages of different individuals telling how God reached and saved them:

Richard Cormier March 1/09: r-cormier-testimony-mar-1

Trevor McClelland Mar 8/09: gospel-trevorm-mar-8

Grant Tedford Mar 8/09: g-tedford-testimony-mar-8

Norman Thibodeau Mar 23/09: norman-thib-mar-23-09

Tim McCandless April 5/09: gospel-tim-mcc-apr-5-09

Ministry Messages:

Days Meeting February 15/09:

Scott Mcleod: scott-mcleod-sussex-days-mtg-2009

Jon Procopio: jon-procopio-sussex-days-mtg-2009

Albert Hull: albert-hull-sussex-days-mtg-2009

Nicaragua Report – Duncan Beckett

Report by Duncan Beckett in November 2008: Duncan Beckett’s Report

Sunday March 15/09 Ministry by James McClelland

James McClelland: james-mccl-mar-15-09

Sunday March 29/09 Ministry by Gerald Gallagher

Gerald Gallagher: gerald-ministry-mar-29

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