Tidings for Tuesday

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Ephesians 5:15

Imagine for a moment that you are a thief, and that you steal a car. As you make your way down the highway, you would probably drive very carefully, so as not to draw attention to yourself. And if you happened to see a police car, you would be extra careful to observe the speed limit and to obey all the traffic laws. You would do everything possible to fit in with the rest of the traffic. That’s the way you would do it, because that would make sense. But that isn’t the way that car thieves do it, according to police sources. Police say whenever a thief steals a car, or whenever a criminal uses a car as part of committing a crime, that person is usually the worst driver on the road. The person is much more likely to exceed the speed limit, to disobey traffic laws, and to become reckless and erratic on the road. And if a police car is in sight, the crook’s driving is even worse. To us, that does not make sense. But we are not crooks, and we don’t think the way they do. For the same reason, Christians are capable of greater spiritual wisdom than are the unsaved people around us.

Those who are not saved do not have spiritual wisdom. That is obvious, because when we consider God’s salvation, only a spiritual fool would neglect or reject it. Spiritual fools ignore the plain teaching of Scripture, reject the warnings against the destructiveness of sin, engage in behaviour that is destructive to their health and to their souls, and make a mockery of Christians and godly values. Their foolish walk will lead them into destruction, and until they repent, there is little they can do about it. As Christians, we need to be careful that our walk does not become like that of the spiritual fools.

A preacher once described a cat walking along the top of a high wall. Someone had placed pieces of broken glass on the wall to discourage cats from using it. To avoid the glass, the cat walked slowly, carefully placing her feet on safe places. She was walking circumspectly. As Christians, we need to walk just as carefully as that cat, because there are dangerous things all around us that must be avoided. We must live in the world, and we must make a living. We must attend school, shop for groceries, pay our bills, and do dozens of other things that bring us into contact with the world. But we do not need to allow those things to contaminate ourselves with the world’s sins and affairs. As we walk circumspectly, we will stay away from places where gross sins are committed, we will avoid contact with people whose language is vile, we will reject involvement in things that would entangle us in activities that are ungodly.

We have the discernment to walk wisely in this world. Let our walk be circumspect today. -Jim MacIntosh

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