Meditation for Monday

The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Mark 1:1

Listen to some folks when they give their testimonies, and you will find that they have not only parents, but grandparents, and sometimes, great-grandparents who were saved. Such a heritage of Gospel is wonderful to consider. In my own case, both my parents came from Christian homes, and were brought up under the sound of the Gospel. Some families can trace back several generations of Christian heritage, but eventually, there comes a place in our family tree where the first of our ancestors was saved. As far as our families are concerned, that was the beginning of the Gospel. So we notice when Mark uses this expression as he launches his account of the Lord Jesus’ time here on earth. He starts at the beginning. But it is only the beginning of his Gospel account; it is not the beginning of the Gospel, as far as God is concerned.

When did the Gospel begin? Let us trace back through the Old Testament and see the Gospel illustrated in the ordinances and offerings of Israel’s religion. Lovely pictures are contained in these Scriptures, as we see how they bring before us God’s great provision and preparation, and the magnificence of His great plan of salvation. But that is not where the Gospel began. If we sift through the writings of the prophets, we encounter so much of God’s purpose for Jew and Gentile in the promise of a Messiah. In those prophecies, and in many of the Psalms, we encounter many details of the suffering Saviour who was to come. And yet, we cannot regard these as the beginning of the Gospel, either. So we look into Eden, and hear the great promise of One Who would bruise the serpent’s head. And yet, in that first mention in Scripture of the promised Redeemer, we do not see the beginning of the Gospel. The beginning of the Gospel predates the beginning found in Genesis 1:1.

John Kent, in his lovely hymn (BHB 181, NBHB 374 – verse 4) catches the meaning of the real beginning of the Gospel: ‘Before Thy hands had made the sun to rule the day, or earth’s foundations laid, or fashioned Adam’s clay, what thoughts of peace and mercy flowed in Thy great heart of love, O God’. From eternity, the Gospel has ever been part of God’s character and design. There never was a time or place where our God did not love us and purpose that His Son would die for our sins.

Thank God, the Gospel of His Son has never had a beginning, and its fruit will know no end. -Jim MacIntosh

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