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Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen. 1 Timothy 6:21

In the previous verse, Paul refers to ‘science falsely so-called’, and how those who had been led astray by it had lost sight of their faith. We are all aware of how the false science of evolution, despite being unproven and unprovable, is taught in the schools as fact. Children at an early age have their faith undermined and question the truth of the Word of God. Satan has won a great victory in destroying many souls with this doctrine.

A museum in Paris has three million books that used to be called science books but which have all been proven to be erroneous. Man’s so-called facts of science keep changing as new discoveries transform once well-established absolutes into nonsense.

Some years ago, Christians were able to chuckle at those who prophesied that the arms race would destroy the planet when somebody pushed the wrong button. We knew, because of Scripture, that this would not happen. And yet, it captured great attention in the news media and had many millions of people all worked up and worried for nothing. Including some Christians. It is all but forgotten now. The same thing is happening today with all the talk about global warming which has evolved into climate change because the world is not warming like the predictors expected. The Word of God tells us that the calamities predicted by these people also will not happen. Someone recently made a catalogue of 41 predictions about global warming over the past few decades, and all 41 have failed to come to pass. We as Bible believers should not be surprised.

We do well to rest our confidence concerning the future on the Word of God, and trust our Heavenly Father to care for us. Our faith is too precious to throw it away on the changing ideas and fancies of the world. If we have trusted God for His salvation, we can trust Him to take care of the world around about us.

Is your faith science-proof? Much so-called science is false. All scripture is true. -Jim MacIntosh

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