Meditation for Monday

To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you, and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 1:7

When Bob Lockhart was the mayor of Saint John, he was being interviewed one day on a television program in Toronto. During the interview, he noticed that the host had written his name and his city on a chalkboard that was on the set. But the name of the city was written as St. John. Immediately, Bob rose from his chair and went to the chalkboard, erased the abbreviation, and wrote in the full word ‘Saint’. On national television, he made the point that the ‘Saint’ in Saint John is important enough to be spelled out in full, and the full spelling is the correct name of the city. The word ‘saint’ is important for Christians, too, because it identifies who we are in the world and before God.

Christendom, particularly Catholicism, makes a great deal of the term ‘saint’, applying it only to those people considered to be workers of miracles or performers of great deeds a few hundred years ago. God makes a great deal of the term ‘saint’, too, but He doesn’t limit it to the venerable departed. No, He applies it to all those who are saved, including those of us still above the sod. Vine’s Dictionary of Bible Words describes the term ‘saints’ as the whole number of the redeemed. This means that not only are the preachers saints, but so too are their wives and saved children. Those on your Assembly’s oversight are also saints, as are their wives and saved children. Everybody in the Assembly is a saint, as is everybody who is saved but not yet received into Assembly fellowship, whether they are baptized or not.

To find all of the saints, however, we need to go to every place where there are those who have trusted Christ as Saviour. We’ll find them in some surprising places, no doubt, but if they are truly born again, they are saints. We will find them in unusual circumstances, and holding to some unusual doctrines, and taking part in what we might term objectionable behaviour. But their sainthood is not based on themselves, but on what God has done for them. As far as God is concerned, those who He has called saints are the most important component of this world’s population.

Are you special? God thinks so! He has called you to be one of His saints. -Jim MacIntosh

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