Food for Friday

So Mephibosheth dwelt in Jerusalem, for he did eat continually at the king’s table, and was lame on both his feet. 2 Samuel 9:13

If Mephibosheth were living today, I believe he would have made a good addition to one of God’s Assemblies. There is much about this man that is comparable to Christians of today. Features of his life after he was brought from Lodebar by David are similar to the features of New Testament Assembly principles.

For one thing, Mephibosheth was occupying a place that was his solely by the grace of the king. We acknowledge that our place in God’s Assembly is not something that we in our unsaved days would have ever sought, or ever been able to attain. How gracious of God to bring us into the fellowship where the Lord Jesus has placed His Name! May we ever appreciate it as much as Mephibosheth appreciated his seat at David’s table.

We are also told that Mephibosheth dwelt in Jerusalem. He has no interest in the old life in Lodebar. He has a new and better home; no other place will do, because David is there. Can we ever be content in a place that bears the name of men’s ideas or mortal heroes rather than the Name of the Lord Jesus? Our home is His presence.

Mephibosheth was continually at David’s table, just as members of God’s Assembly feast weekly on the emblems that remind us of His death, feast daily on the Word of His truth, and feast hourly on the goodness of His drawing us unto Himself and His Assembly.

Despite his newly exalted position, Mephibosheth remains lame. He can never forget that his place at David’s table is not because of his own capabilities but because of David’s grace. We too are reminded that despite our salvation, we are still in sinful bodies, still helpless to accomplish anything outside of God’s power and direction.

Are we like Mephibosheth? Do we appreciate the King’s table? Like him, we are former enemies who rejoice at His marvellous peace and eternal friendship. In God’s Assembly, we can fully appreciate our King. -Jim MacIntosh

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