Tidings for Tuesday

And I perceived that the portions of the Levites had not been given them, for the Levites and the singers that did the work were fled every one to his field. Nehemiah 13:10

A preacher was telling me one time about a series of Gospel meetings he and another preacher held in a certain place. Although it was a new place, it was not far away from two or three Assemblies in that state. But very few Christians from those Assemblies ever showed up. And none of them gave the preachers any fellowship during the entire time the meetings continued. ‘We almost starved,’ my preacher friend declared, remembering the sad lack of support they had received. He must have felt as Nehemiah felt to see the failure of the Israelites to provide their tithes that should have supported the service and worship in the temple at Jerusalem. How much of God’s work is stifled today by the lack of exercise and stinginess of the Lord’s people?

How much more would be done in Gospel work by your Assembly if you and everyone else in the Assembly gave everything they should to God? No, we don’t necessarily tithe as the Israelites did, but do we truly give God His share of our monetary blessings? If our giving was as it should be, how many more preachers and missionaries could we provide support for, how many more resources would be available for those who work with Sunday School classes and children’s meetings, and how many more tracts, calendars, and Bibles could we see distributed? Even more important, if we contributed all the time we should to the things of the Lord, how much more would we see done for Him? How many shut-in and discouraged saints could we visit, how many more tasks would we see completed around the Hall, how many more invitations to Gospel meetings could we deliver, how much more preparation could we put into upcoming activities and efforts of the Assembly?

If we could, like Nehemiah, appreciate the need to give to the Lord His portion of what He gives to us, we would be better stewards of our money and our time. Nehemiah was dismayed to see the Levites forced to go and fend for themselves to feed their families, when they should have received the tithe support that would enable them to serve in the Temple. If we are faithful givers of our time and resources, we will enable others to also serve the Lord as they should. -Jim MacIntosh

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