Sermonette for Saturday

And they began to inquire among themselves, which of them it was that should do this thing. Luke 22:23

For most of the disciples, the Lord’s statement that He was to be betrayed by one of them was a great shock. They could not imagine any such thing. They loved their Lord deeply, and had no regrets about their past three years of following and serving Him. Only Judas Iscariot had to put on an act during this self-inquiry process. As the group’s treasurer, he would have been more above suspicion than most of the others.

Look around the circle tomorrow as you gather to break bread, and wonder if it would be possible for any of your little group to commit such a great tragic crime as Judas was about to commit. You won’t find anybody there who could possibly do it. And yet, we are all capable of tremendous falls, or tragic mistakes in spiritual discernment and behaviour. Surely not as horrific as Judas, but tragic, nevertheless.

Just as the disciples had been spending months in Jesus’ presence, so to we have been enjoying His presence as we delve into His word. We appreciate His presence during the meetings of the Assembly. We all seem to be getting along fine in our walk for Him. But who among us will become betrayers? Who among us will make a deal with the world to extract a bit more money at the cost of our Saviour’s name? Who among us will tumble into sins and activities that dare hardly be named?

Pray today for the preservation of the Lord’s people. Cry to Him for aid in repelling Satan’s advances. Plead for mercy on your own soul, that you would not be guilty of betrayal. -Jim MacIntosh

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