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What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 1 Corinthians 6:19

Old-timers who showed up for the dedication of the new temple that was built after the return from Babylon wept, even as others rejoiced. Why? The old-timers could remember the glory of the original temple, and could be saddened at the comparison with the new temple. Even as the dedication of a new temple in Ezra’s day could bring forth rejoicing and sorrow from the attendees, even so does the dedication of our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit prompt both rejoicing and sorrow on our part.

What an honour is given to the redeemed of the Lord, to provide a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit! The humblest, weakest believer has been elevated to a level that the greatest personages of earth can never attain, at least not without God’s salvation. Within our being dwells the third Person of Deity. He is our seal of eternal life, and He is the Enabler of our daily path of obedience and worship of God. Our frail bodies, with all their blemishes and stumblings, are His residence. The significance of this honour, and of this enabling, should cause us to daily rejoice and to burst forth with singing. Yes, this truth should indeed cause us to celebrate every day.

But like the old-timers who wept at the sight of the new temple, we ought to be sorrowing daily over our failure to live up to the glory that such a Resident deserves. We know we are not what we should be in our Christian walk. We are aware that our actions and attitudes can often quench the Holy Spirit, and can grieve Him as He dwells within. His temple lacks what it ought to display all the character of God, because we fail to give Him the place He deserves. Our bodies engage in actions that we ought not, go places they should not, spend time with people we should best avoid, neglect the reading and prayer we need for our spiritual vitality. We ought to be saddened to realize the lack of glory we bring to God.

This blend of rejoicing and sorrow is necessary if we are to appreciate and function in our position as the temple of the Holy Ghost. We will be thrilled at the honour we enjoy, and we will be sensitive to the need to live as befits our templeship. -Jim MacIntosh

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