Word for Wednesday

Know ye not that we shall judge angels? How much more things that pertain to this life? 1 Corinthians 6:3

A number of years ago, the former dictator of Iraq stood in a courtroom, mocking the judges who were trying his case. Those judges had the nerve-rattling task of looking into the face of one who mere months before was running the country with an iron fist, the one who had absolute charge of everything from courts to coinage, the one who decided who were going to be the judges and lawyers of the country. With steely nerves, those judges handled the case and saw Saddam Hussein convicted, sentenced, and hanged for his heinous crimes. They were in a tough position, but those judges handled their responsibilities well. Our text tells us that we will be judges someday, judging angels, no less. Does that prospect not cause some apprehension? We need to be preparing ourselves today for that responsibility.

What angels will we be judging? Where and when will they appear before us? I don’t know. Will they be fallen angels who are bound for perdition? Will they be faithful angels who will be rewarded for their service to God? Although we don’t know these things, we do know that angels are mighty beings, with many attributes far beyond those of humanity. They are seen in Scripture as having great powers and responsibility, performing miracles and destroying evildoers. How can we stand in judgment over them? Because God has given to us a venue for preparing for such a judgment.

To judge others, angels included, we must know God’s mind and will. We must understand the blackness of sin, and the need for absolute truth and righteousness. We must know how to be entirely impartial and perfectly fair. We must have terms of reference from the life of the Lord Jesus on which to base decisions, speaking and acting as He would act. Thorough and consistent study of the Bible is necessary to our learning the character of God, of learning how the Lord Jesus dealt with situations, of learning how the Holy Spirit moves and guides and influences us.

Did you know you were going to be judging angels? Do you know how you are going to proceed with that task? Better get studying! -Jim MacIntosh

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