Food for Friday

…the Gospel of God, which He had promised afore by His prophets in the Holy Scriptures. Romans 1:1-2

A radio commentator became agitated as he discussed the lack of a catastrophic drug program for our province. He pointed out that such a program was a key part of the election platform for the political party that had won the previous year’s election. Noting that the time set by the party for setting up the program was about to expire, and no consultations has been held with any of the involved parties, the commentator declared the program to be another broken election promise. We’ve seen those before. In fact, broken promises are pretty common these days. You have to carefully read the fine print on every contract, guarantee, or offer to find all the loopholes that allow companies and organizations to fudge on the promises they make. But when we turn to the Bible, it is refreshingly comforting to discover that God’s promises are always kept and His fine print doesn’t exist. That applies to the topic of today’s text, the Gospel of God.

In the Garden of Eden, God issued His first promise of the Gospel when He declared that the Seed of the woman would bruise the serpent’s head. The writings of Moses contain volumes of references, illustrations, and patterns that relate to the Gospel and the Person of the Lord Jesus. The poetry of David and Solomon, and others, contains vivid picture of the same. All the prophets foretell the Gospel. God’s promise of the Gospel is clear and expansive in the Old Testament. And His promise is fulfilled in the New Testament. All of the promises from the Old Testament that relate to our age have been fully kept.

How do you feel when somebody makes good on a significant promise made to you? Gratitude and pleasure would be a good start. When we consider the promise of the Gospel, we see that it does not come with any strings attached. It also does not come because of any merit on our part; we don’t deserve the Gospel in any way. In fact, most of humanity rejects, ignores, and mocks the Gospel. But God keeps His promise in providing undeserving sinners with a message of hope.

The Gospel is God’s great display of His faithfulness to us, His total commitment to keep His word. Let us be thankful, and let us show others His faithfulness. -Jim MacIntosh

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