Meditation for Monday

He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias. John 1:23

If Jesus was planning to make a personal visit to your community, how would you prepare to receive Him? Would you tidy up around your place and urge your neighbours to do likewise? Would you get rid of some of the things that you would just as soon not have Jesus know are part of your life? Would you launch a great publicity campaign to let everybody know about the exciting and important Visitor? If you knew His coming was only a few days away, would it prompt you into some frantic action? Then just think about John the Baptist, who knew that the Messiah was just about to appear. And John is given the responsibility to let everybody know and to urge everybody to be ready. Just like John, we also have a responsibility to urge people to be ready for the soon appearing of the Lord Jesus.

John’s message was repentance. He knew that repentance was the path to led to acceptance of the Messiah. He spoke against the sins of his day, against the moral decay and hypocrisy he saw all around him. The Holy Spirit helped him to be effective, and many folks received his message. Because they did so, they were ready to receive Jesus when He arrived. What about the sins of our day? What about the gross immorality, the pathetic apathy, the rank denial, and the new age paganism that swirls all around us? Don’t these people need to be told to repent? Of course they do. Until they are brought to face God’s condemnation of their sin, they can never repent, and they can never find Christ. Just as John’s preaching was needed in his day, so our witness is needed today. Because of John’s preaching, many folks are in Heaven today. Because of our faithful testimony, will there be any souls in heaven? John prepared the road that people need to travel to reach Christ. It’s a road that you and I need to travel today, or sinners will be lost forever.

The religious leaders did not like John. And his fearless preaching landed him in Herod’s jail, and eventually he lost his life because he condemned a woman’s immorality. But John, if he were to speak to us today, would not regret his efforts. Through him, many people found the Saviour. How many people have found the Saviour because of your faithfulness? How much would you be willing to give – or give up – to have more souls in Heaven?

John’s task was to repair the highway that allowed sinners to find Jesus. That highway needs some work today, and some sinners today need to find that road. -Jim MacIntosh

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