Lesson for the Lord’s Day

All things are delivered to Me of My Father, and no man knoweth Who the Son is but the Father, and Who the Father is but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal Him. Luke 10:22

What all did the Father deliver to the Lord Jesus? No book on earth is large enough to contain a full response to such a question. But on a day when we gather to remember Him, the Lord Jesus would have us consider one of the prominent aspects of this great topic. This is because this subject is very dear to our hearts and carries such tremendous significance for us.

The Father delivered to the Lord Jesus the mission of His great plan of Salvation. Why was this mission delivered to the Lord Jesus? Because no one else was qualified or capable. And because no one else was so committed to the fulfilment of that great mission. The Father and the Son, in total harmony and with one great purpose, drafted the plan of Salvation. Because the Lord Jesus was so interested and committed to the Father’s desire that you and I would be saved, He received that great mission.

How did the Father deliver this great mission to the Son? When the time came for the mission to be fulfilled, the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world (1 John 4:14). We read the account of Jesus’ birth and the angel’s announcement at that time of the birth of a Saviour who is Christ the Lord. We then read throughout the Gospels of Jesus’ devotion to His mission, and of all that He did on his way to Calvary and then of His suffering and death there. In all this, Jesus was in full obedience to His Father’s will.

A final question for today: why did the Father deliver to the Son the great mission of Salvation? John 3:16 tells us that it was because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. God’s motive for delivering to His Son this great mission was His love for us. When we consider ourselves, we fail to see any reason for God’s love. As rebels, rejectors, and rotten sinners, we had no attributes that would have caused God to love us. No, God’s love for us is based on His own great character; because He is love, He loved us enough to desire, plan, and fulfill our salvation.

To accept deliverance of His Father’s mission of Salvation, Jesus had to go to the cross and die for you and me. Today we worship Him for accepting His Father’s will. -Jim MacIntosh

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