Word for Wednesday

He that heareth you heareth Me, and he that despiseth you despiseth Me, and he that despiseth Me despiseth Him that sent Me. Luke 10:16

A wealthy man owned the valley land on which a small town was built in the American midwest. The land was very fertile, and the residents made a good living from farming. The owner charged them reasonable rents, and they became prosperous. But the owner lived in a city on the east coast, and never went to visit the town. So the residents became very lax in paying their rent. When the owner sent his nephew to visit the town and to collect the rents, most of the townspeople laughed and ignored him. Only a few accepted the credentials of the nephew and paid their rents. Finally, the owner sent a team of enforcers, accompanied by the state police, and evicted all those who were delinquent in their rents. Those few who had accepted the nephew were allowed to take over the now-vacant properties. This true story is a dramatic illustration of today’s text.

Look around you and see those who have become neglectful of God’s claims upon them. They ignore His Word, and reject His demands. Although everything they have is on loan from God, even the very breaths they breathe and the heartbeats that keep them alive, they pay no heed to God, considering Him to be too far away to matter, or to be non-existent. But among the world full of despisers, God has those who have accepted His Son’s credentials, and have submitted to Him. You and I are among the few to whom the claims of Christ have meaning and purpose.

Jesus’ words in today’s text describe the world today. And they carry a dire warning. The despisers of the Word of God, of the Gospel message, are actually despising the One who cane to save their souls. They are despising the only means of rescue from the wrath of God that they deserve. Despising the Lord Jesus – the lordship of Jesus – carries with it the great sentence of death and eternal loss.

Let us take no glory today in the fact that we no longer despise the Son. There was a time when we did. Our rejection of Him was just as serious as those who still reject Him. It was only the work of the Holy Spirit that brought us to repentance and to acceptance of Christ’s lordship. For this, we must bow low and thank God today that we are accepters and not rejectors.

One of our responsibilities today is to convince others to end their rejection of the Lord Jesus. By our delight in the wonder of the Gospel message we may be able to convince them. -Jim MacIntosh

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