Thought for Thursday

For through Him we both have access through one Spirit unto the Father. Ephesians 2:18

I keep receiving reminders in my inbox about a great deal for baseball fans. For a very reasonable price, a subscriber can watch any and all major league baseball games over the Internet. There are two catches. The first catch is that all games within the subscriber’s immediate zone are blacked out. The second catch is that all of Canada is considered the immediate zone for the Toronto Blue Jays. So, most Canadians are disappointed because the games they would most likely want to watch are blacked out. Our text tells us that there is no blackout for anyone wanting access to our Heavenly Father.

In our chapter, Paul is discussing the unity that God has brought about between Jew and Gentile. A great change has occurred, because of the work of the Lord Jesus. In the Old Testament days, the Jew had access to God through the offerings, ordinances, and the oracles of God. There were strict limitations, and everything had to go through the priest, but there was a measure of access. Not so for the Gentile, who must come into Jewry to obtain any access to God. This was a very difficult process, and was not available to most Gentiles. But when the Lord Jesus came and broke down the barriers, He made possible a way of access for both Jew and Gentile, through the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, we have an access that is so much more personal and immediate than the Old Testament Jew could know. This access is available; how much do we take advantage of it?

The throne room of Heaven must surely be a busy place. We can’t imagine the incredible flow of information and requests that pass through there each second. The God Who knows all and sees all has given to you and me the right and the channel to access that very throne room and to receive priority attention. This fact should amaze us, and it should prompt us to action. If the Holy Spirit is patching us through to the very heartbeat of Heaven, we had better get busy with our prayers, our praises, and our open hearts. If we have the Father’s attention, we ought to seize the opportunity and make the most of it. There is so much that we need to become, there are so many that we desire to see saved, there is so much work that we long to see advanced for Heaven’s interest. With Heaven’s attention assured, we can bring these things to our Father. But do we? With Heaven’s attention assured, we can pour out our hearts in worship and thanksgiving. But do we? Every day, every hour, we miss out on the benefits of the Holy Spirit’s access to the Father.

There can never be a blackout with the Trinity involved in this wonderful blessing: the Lord Jesus paid the admission, the Holy Spirit provides the access, and the Father offers His welcome. -Jim MacIntosh

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