Word for Wednesday

Peter answered and said unto Him, Though all men shall be offended because of Thee, yet will I never be offended. Matthew 26: 33

As we made plans to build our new house, we visited a store that sells light fixtures. In one corner of the store was an interesting display that included some unusual mirrors, one of which we found so enticing that we purchased it for the bathroom of the new house. This mirror has a lovely frame. It is important to have a mirror that looks good. But we know that the most important thing about a mirror is that it gives a good reflection. Even a mirror that has an ugly frame can give a true reflection. Take today’s text, for example. This verse shows the ugly frame of pride, but as I read the verse, I see a little too much of myself in it.

We can accuse Peter of being arrogant and cocky, and maybe he was. But what would you or I have said in the same situation? Jesus had just told the disciples that they would all be ashamed of Him and would run away. If we had been one of those disciples, how would we have responded? I can certainly picture myself objecting and declaring my fidelity. I think many of us would. But the Lord Jesus knows our hearts better than we do; He knows we can and do fail in our faithfulness.

How faithfully do we stand for the Lord Jesus today? How often do we defend His holy Name when someone around us uses that Name in blasphemy? How often do we exert ourselves for the cause of the Gospel when there are easier, more comfortable pursuits all around us? How much of our lives do we commit to God’s Assembly and the Lord’s people, compared to the time and money we put into our own interests and hobbies and entertainment? As we examine our day and see how little of it we expend for the Lord, we can start to see Peter’s reflection in our mirrors.

Peter’s problem was his pride, and he suffered an embarrassing and humiliating fall as a result. Oh, how carefully we need to act and speak, that we don’t suffer the same humiliation. -Jim MacIntosh

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