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And hath put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the Head over all things to the church. Ephesians 1:22

An elderly man who was the leading elder of an Assembly was very conservative in his views, and resisted all kinds of changes, even changes that were necessary. Because he was highly respected and a godly man, the Assembly endured his uncompromising stance, until he died. After his death, changes were made. Those things that required change were changed. But some things that didn’t need to change were also changed, allowing some practices and attitudes to come in that were not good for the Assembly’s testimony and harmony. Some thought that the Assembly would have been far better off if that elderly overseer had not been given such control in the first place. Maybe they were right. Our text reminds us there is only One Who should have complete control over God’s Assembly.

We recognize that Assembly oversight is of the Lord, not of men, with those who serve as shepherds of the local flock responsible to the Great Shepherd. Great care must be taken – and usually is – to make sure that decisions regarding the Assembly are in line with the will of God. Direction and guidance for the Lord’s people will be for their benefit only if they are in line with God’s purposes for His people. This places great responsibility on the Assembly oversight to know the Lord’s will and to carry it out. It would never do to go against the will of Him Who is Head over all things to the Assembly.

Not everybody reading this message is on the oversight of an Assembly. But submission to our Head is just as important to everyone else as it is to the elders. Younger Christians need to be aware of their roles as learners and helpers, as those with the energy and enthusiasm to make the Assembly vibrant and alive. Older Christians need to understand their roles of being good examples, of providing wisdom of experience, of being faithful stalwarts of the Assembly. Those with an exercise and with abilities need to use those in accordance with the will of our Head. Everyone has a place in God’s Assembly, and that place is where our Head wants them to function. That might not always be where we want to function, so it is important that each of us learn submission to our Head, so we don’t overstep or understep our place in His Assembly.

The Assembly is not ours; it is not the elders’, it is not the people’s. The Assembly has one Head, and everything pertaining to that Assembly is for His glory and according to His pleasure. -Jim MacIntosh

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