Lesson for the Lord’s Day

And, because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12

Do you know why the love of many is waxing cold? We do know about the coldness. Whether Christians or otherwise, there is less and less care one for another in this world. The definition of a neighbour has been watered down to mean somebody who lives nearby, instead of the caring, sharing do-anything-for-you person who we knew or might have been 60 years ago. Love has grown cold. But why? I read a lot of commentaries and sermon excerpts to see what others thought, and most of them missed the mark. Some said it’s because we are in the last days of Laodicea. Others said it’s because of materialism and selfishness. But our text does not leave any doubt about this important issue. Love has grown cold because of iniquity!

Iniquity means lawlessness. And our text speaks of iniquity abounding. Abounding means multiplied. We can see that. Our day knows of lawlessness abounding. The principles of decency and morality, of family values and honesty, of respect for human life, these have all been shed in favour of everybody doing that which is right in their own eyes. Talk about multiplying, iniquity is unbridled in a way many of us could never have imagined. And that’s why love is waxing cold.

Our text is not talking about ordinary love, it’s talking about the agape, unconditional love that God is, and that He enables us to display and express. This is not a love that an unsaved person knows or shows. It is known only by Christians. So our text is telling us that, because of lawlessness multiplying around us, the love of the Christians is becoming cold. Your love to other Christians, my love to the unsaved, the Assembly’s love to the community in which we function, these are all growing colder. And it is happening because of the sinfulness all around us.

It shouldn’t be. But there is no doubt that the rottenness of the world all around us is having its impact on us. Sadly, God’s people are not standing out in sharp contrast to the world. If we were, our testimony would attract many more to the Gospel. We are getting to be too much like Lot, righteous, but too comfortable in our sinful surroundings. Maybe we need to move.

If we could separate ourselves from the sinful conditions around us, our love would burn more brightly, and our testimony would have more impact. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? -Jim MacIntosh

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