Tidings for Tuesday

Then said God, Call his name, Lo-ammi, for ye are not my people, and I will not be your God. Hosea 1:9

Hosea’s wife Gomer had three children, and the names given to them were warnings of God’s coming judgments on Israel, each judgment worse than the one before. Each of these judgments was borne out in the coming years, as Israel eventually was extinguished by her enemies, and as the ten lost tribes vanished from recognition. How sad for a people who had started out so well and had been helped by God in the promises to the patriarchs, in the deliverance from Egypt, the preservation in the wilderness, the conquest of Canaan, and in the rise of the royal house of David. For a time under Solomon, Israel was the dominant power in the world. But sin and departure have destroyed everything that God wanted Israel to be, and the arrival of Lo-ammi signals God’s intention to abandon the nation. We are living in similar times today, and the attitude of our world has its impact on the Lord’s people.

Not so many years ago, our nation gave significant attention to spiritual things. The Bible was honoured, the Gospel was welcomed, Christians were recognized and praised, and there was a general recognition that the moral values of society were based on reverence for a holy and righteous God. No more! Attacks on the Bible include accusations that it discriminates against some members of society for declaring their lifestyles sin. The Gospel is ignored and ridiculed today, its message declared to be irrelevant. Christians are tarred with all sorts of brushes, including being old-fashioned, legalistic, small-minded, and homophobic. Instead of reverence for God, there is widespread disrespect for morality and goodness. Society madly marches toward open acceptance of the worst of sin, including the legalization of prostitution and marijuana use, the promotion at the grade school level of so-called alternative lifestyles, and the welcoming into our society those who would seek to destroy it through the imposition of Sharia law. Is this a society that God would want His Name associated with?

The certainty of judgment can no longer be denied. As God destroyed nations and societies in the past, so he must also destroy ours. We must give up all that God promises for those who serve and honour Him. What is happening this month may just be the start of it.

What does it mean to be not God’s people? It means having no claim to any of His blessings. It also means having a direct claim on His judgments. Now, our country never was God’s. But it was, to some extent, God-honouring. As such, it received protection and preservation. God honours those who honour Him. Now, only the Christians are left to honour Him. Is a little remnant enough to stave off God’s judgment? No, but it is enough to warn those around us to flee from the wrath to come.

No time in history was more important for Christians to maintain a bright testimony than today, as the rest of the our world loses its claim on blessing from God. -Jim MacIntosh

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