Meditation for Monday

But I will have mercy on the house of Judah, and will save them by the Lord their God, and will not save them by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, by horses, nor by horsemen. Hosea 1:7

The next time somebody gives his testimony in a Gospel meeting, listen for the speaker to relate some unusual circumstance that occurred to bring him under the sound of the Gospel, or brought him under conviction. Almost every Christian has such a story. Sometimes it’s an accident or storm, other times it’s a business deal gone sour or a friend’s betrayal. In Peter Orasuk’s case, it was a television set that didn’t work. Outsiders might marvel at what they assume are coincidences. But these occur far too often and have such a dramatic impact that they could not possibly be coincidences. Our text today tells us that God does not always save according to the scripts of the preachers or the anticipation of the sinners.

Hosea is reporting on God’s plans to save Judah. How can this possibly occur without the usual weapons of war, without battles, and without cavalry and chariots? Militarily, this does not make sense. Strategically, this cannot happen. But God declares that He will save Judah. And He does. Look into your own experience, and consider all of the things that had to come together for you to be saved, and you will be amazed that it ever happened. If you were born in a different family, or in a different community, or if any of a wide range of situations or events had not materialized, where would you be? But God worked things out so that you would indeed be brought to repentance and faith in Christ. Look around at the other Christians, and consider how it was the same with them. No wonder that testimony meetings are not boring; it’s exciting just to hear all of the miraculous ways in which God moved to bring sinners unto Himself.

Not only in salvation, but in a host of life events that we encounter, God works His miracles around us to preserve us, to use us for His purposes, and to remind us that salvation is of the Lord. In terms of our daily salvation, God is constantly surprising us by meeting our needs, by preserving our souls, by directing us aright, in ways that are unique and exciting. People in the world like to have excitement in their lives; they need to be saved so they can experience the excitement that God has for all of His children. The child of God who is fully committed to the will of God will never be bored or have cause to complain about a humdrum existence.

The many ways in which God saves sinners and preserves His people are as infinite as Himself. Are you up to the challenge of such an exciting life? -Jim MacIntosh

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