Lesson for the Lord’s Day

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Colossians 4:5

Some folks showed up one Sunday morning and requested that they be allowed to participate in the Lord’s Supper. This couple was friendly, well-dressed, and courteous. They insisted they were Christians, and as such, had a right to participate. Nobody knew who they were, they carried no letter of commendation from any Assembly, and they were vague about what they believed. The oversight quickly determined that they should be offered seats of the unlearned. Highly insulted, this couple became angry and left with loud shouts of revenge. We found out later that these people were actually members of a cult who had determined to infiltrate the Assembly. The Assembly was protected because it recognized the truth about those who are without and those who are within.

God’s Assembly is not an exclusive club. Nothing of age, race, gender, social status, occupation, or intelligence disqualifies anyone from membership. And yet, there are few who are qualified to be inside, and many who are disqualified. We know the qualifications. We appreciate their simplicity. We also appreciate that meeting these qualifications brings us into a fellowship greater than any other in the world. Inside God’s Assembly are opportunities for worship and service that no denomination or organization can approach. Inside God’s Assembly is preservation from false teachers and protection from the devil’s domain. Inside God’s Assembly are truth, wisdom, and blessing. Inside God’s Assembly is the very Person of the Lord Jesus, as He has promised.

With all of its great treasures, privileges, and opportunities, God’s Assembly must have a security system that will withstand Satan’s most powerful attacks. Because nothing in this world can bring glory to God like an Assembly functioning as God intended, Satan will do all he can to destroy it. He will seek to cause disruption among members, he will attempt to bring in false teachers and uncaring overseers. And he will send along all kinds of foxes to spoil the tender vines. What security system can withstand that? The Word of God. Scripture defends God’s Assembly, maintaining a difference between those who are without and those who are within. It is only by abandoning the truth of Scripture that God’s Assembly faces danger.

How wonderful to be within the place where the Lord Jesus has placed His Name. Especially when we consider that we never deserved to be there. -Jim MacIntosh

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