Sermonette for Saturday

Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds. Colossians 4:3

A friend was visiting Romania when that country was still shackled by communism. He was able to visit Christians there, and enjoy fellowship with them. The Christians were allowed to meet in small groups only, and they were not permitted to hold Gospel meetings. However, there was one occasion when they were given liberty to preach the Gospel. That occasion was when a Christian died, and the casket was being carried to the place of burial. Those accompanying the funeral procession could preach the Gospel during the time the procession was moving through the streets, and also at the graveside. The sorrow at the death of a believer was accompanied by the joy of being able to publicly proclaim the Gospel. You could call it a combination of a funeral and an open air meeting. You could also call it a door of utterance that God opened for them.

You and I don’t need to pray for such a door of utterance, at least not in the same way. The door of utterance is part of the freedom of our western civilization, a freedom guaranteed in our constitution and established by centuries of practice. Although we don’t appreciate this liberty as we should, nor avail ourselves of all its benefits, this door of utterance is a wonderful blessing. The door of utterance is wide open; our prayer should be that it should remain so.

The door of utterance of the Gospel is under threat, and will not remain open forever, despite the protection of our laws. The threat to the door of utterance comes from several directions, although you won’t read of them in the newspapers. One such threat is from the homosexuality movement. These people would love to have the Bible banned and silenced because it condemns their sin. As this movement grows and gains greater favour and power within governments and society, it will expand its tentacles to openly attack the Word of God and those who proclaim it. Already it has attacked and stained the holy estate of matrimony to the extent that refusing to marry same-sex couples is a crime. Its next target could well be the door of utterance for the Gospel.

Another great threat facing this door is Mohammedism. It will take awhile, but this evil force is making great strides in invading our country. Some estimates say that within 50 years, the Moslem population in Canada will approach 50 percent, enabling this religion to make sweeping changes to our laws. Make no mistake, Sharia law will allow no Gospel preaching, and Christians will be bitterly persecuted. Any door of utterance will be totally underground.

What can we do to make sure the door of utterance for the Gospel remains open? Perhaps nothing, other than prayer and being aware of the threats. But what we can do is to use the door of utterance to the fullest possible extent while it remains open. Preach the Gospel! -Jim MacIntosh

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