Tidings for Tuesday

Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds. Colossians 3:9

The story is told of a priest who was walking down the street when he encountered two young boys engaged in conversation. One of the boys was holding a rope that was tied to a scruffy dog. When the priest asked the boys what they were doing, one replied, ‘We found this dog, and now we are trying to decide who gets to keep him. The one who tells the biggest lie gets to keep the dog’. Shocked, the priest said, ‘Telling lies? That’s bad, you should never tell lies. When I was your age, I never told lies.’ The two boys looked at each other and, with a shrug, the boy holding the dog passed the rope to the priest, saying, ‘Neither of us can top that one!’ How foolish to claim to never tell lies! It is part of our nature; we go astray as soon as we be born, speaking lies – Psalm 58:3. However, that does not make it right. And it is certainly not right for a Christian to tell lies, as our text makes plain.

Why does our verse link telling lies with the deeds of the old man? The old man, our old sinful nature from our unsaved days, was a child of the devil, the father of lies. He was in charge of our old nature, and being a liar, he led us to lie and have little regard for the truth. But at our conversion, we put off the old man, along with his lies and other deeds. At least, we put off the old man in terms of our position before our God. But our condition is not quite so cut-and-dried. We are still in our sinful flesh, and that flesh longs to continue with the deeds of the old man. So we are tempted every day to lie. And the tempter keeps reminding us that lies are not so bad. But he is wrong, lies are bad; they are destructive and a bad testimony for those who claim to live after the Spirit. The reason lies are so bad is they are soi far removed from the words of our Lord.

When Jesus declared that He is the way, the truth, and the life (), He was not overstating Himself. We know that there is no other way to deliverance from death and reconciliation to God than by Jesus Christ. We know that there is no life, no eternal life, apart from Him. And when it comes to the truth, His words are always true, and any words that contradict or deviate from His are always false. So when we lie, we are actually contradicting our Lord.

When God views us in the robe of righteousness that His salvation provides, He sees no liars. But when He views us in our everyday garments of life, how many liars does He see? -Jim MacIntosh

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