Food for Friday

But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. Romans 13:14

One rainy night, while I was in the kitchen fixing a snack, there came a knock at the door, and in popped my eldest grandson. He had come from his weekly sea cadets session and was in full dress uniform. I could not help but exclaim, with grandfatherly pride, how splendid he looked! Those uniforms tend to bring out the best in those lads, for sure. Granted, he does not always look so impressive. He is usually in the casual (but not messy) attire of today’s teenagers. One day he looked fairly rustic as he borrowed one of my old work jackets to help a friend with a wood pile. But when it comes time for his cadet parades and ceremonies, his uniform and bearing leave no question in anybody’s mind what he is representing. It’s the same with us as Christians, we should be seen as representing our Lord in our appearance. But with us, we should have that uniform on all the time.

It is not just the clothes we wear, although that is very important. When we attend meetings of the Assembly, we should dress respectfully, in consideration of Whose presence we are in, and in consideration of the feelings of the other Christians. Sadly, many of the organizations around us have abandoned all respect in their dress, as though they were attending a picnic instead of entering the presence of the Almighty. When we are out in public, it is also not appropriate for Christians to wear the immodest clothing, or lack of clothing, that is so popular with the worldly. Such attire tends to glorify sin, and that is surely a shame for any who profess to belong to the Saviour Who has saved them from their sins. We can’t always tell who are Christians by what they wear, but Christians should never cause anyone to dismiss them as Christians by what they wear.

Just as important as our clothing is our attitude and our speech. As Christians, who have put on Christ, we should display His kindliness and friendliness towards all. Displaying the joy of our salvation is an excellent testimony as well as a healthy exercise. We can’t be singing hymns or witnessing all the time, for sure, but we should also avoid the ungodly songs of sin and filth that the world wallows in. And our mouths should never be tainted with the potty talk and vile jokes of the world.

Another important way in which we as Christians put on the Lord Jesus Christ is to engage ourselves in His work. Although not all of us can preach, all of us can pray. Those who are able can be involved in the more public and active activities that our Lord offers. But every one of us can do something for our Lord. Small things, big things, everything that we do for Him is part of our uniform as Christians.

If we put on the Lord Jesus Christ today, we will leave no room for the flesh to mess up our testimony. -Jim MacIntosh

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