Word for Wednesday

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. Romans 13:11

On the night of September 2, 1757, only a few drowsy sentries remained on duty among the soldiers of the Marquis de Montcalm, commandant of the French army of Quebec. The rest retired to their tents and slept, unaware that British soldiers, led by General James Wolfe, were scaling the cliffs from the river, and were preparing for what was to be one of North America’s most important battles. Had they remained awake and alert, those French soldiers could have easily repulsed the Redcoats as they climbed. But they slept through the night, and the French power in North America was forever broken as the British triumphed on the Plains of Abraham. This was not the first, nor was it the last, battle that was decided by soldiers sleeping through the danger and into defeat. Sadly, too many of us as Christians are much closer to defeat than we realize because of our sleepiness.

Our text does not tell us to remain awake; it tells us it is time to wake up. We are asleep too much of the time, and as a result, we place ourselves in danger. I am not referring to physical sleep, which we really need and which many of us don’t get enough of. I refer to the sleep that leaves us unaware of the perils that face us, unable to perform the work that our Lord has assigned to us, and uncaring about the needs of the souls all around us.

Do not be deceived, we are facing great perils today. The enemy of our souls has succeeded in filling our minds with so much of the world’s entertainment, ideas, and attitudes that we have little time for or interest in God’s Word. As a result, we are starving spiritually, and lack the spiritual strength to combat the enemy’s attacks on us. We need to wake up and read our Bibles.

God has given to every one of us a work for Him. I cannot tell you what that work is for you, because that is between you and your Lord. But I can tell you it includes prayer, a good testimony, and support for the Gospel. Do any of us spent enough time in prayer? Do any of us have a perfect testimony, or ere there areas of our life that are too much like the ungodly around us? Do any of us devote as much energy and money as we should for the furtherance of the Gospel? We need to wake up and straighten out our lives.

It’s a grand thing to be saved! We love to sing that little chorus. But wouldn’t it also be a grand thing to see others saved? Are we resting on our own eternal security and failing to see the wrath of God that is abiding on others? How many unsaved are on our daily prayer list? How many Gospel tracts and Gospel meeting invitations have we distributed? How much have you encouraged those who preach the Gospel? We need to wake up and spread the Word.

It is high time to wake out of sleep. Do we believe that? Then why are we so drowsy? -Jim MacIntosh

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