Meditation for Monday

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather, give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. Romans 12:19

As I sat in a frustrated and angry steam, one of my fathers in the faith came over to me and placed his hand kindly on my shoulder. I had submitted an application for a job, and had been promised that the application would be taken directly to the president of the company. Instead, the person who was supposed to take that application had left it on his desk, and had submitted the application from someone else. I was so angry. But my friend remained cool and quiet as he tried to calm me down. When I suggested going directly to the president to complain, my friend replied, ‘I have a better idea. Just you let me handle this. Give me a day or two.’ Reassured by his calming manner, I agreed. I never heard what was done, but two days later, I was reassigned to a position at least the equal of the one for which I had applied. God wants us to trust Him too, to handle the problems that we encounter with people.

Who knows what harm I might have done for myself and for others, if I had taken things into my own hands? Who knows what problems we would avoid for ourselves if only we would back away from confrontations and situations and allow God to sort them out for us? What made the difference with my friend? It was knowing he really cared, and wanted the best for me. And also knowing that he was far better positioned to resolve the problem that me. These factors are also the reasons why we should turn over our problems to the Lord for Him to resolve.

Do we really know that God cares about the situations where we are wronged or where somebody has taken advantage of us? Sometimes these problems are our own fault, and we need to take responsibility. But when our conscience is in the clear, our minds can still be too clouded by the desire for revenge that we fail to move correctly. It is then that we need to back off, regardless of how right our position, and allow Someone wiser and more powerful to move. That way, regardless of the outcome, our conscience is still clear. And we can trust that the outcome is for our very best.

Our text is addressed to the dearly beloved. Our Lord in his great love toward us desires that we allow Him to handle the vengeance department. Forget the wrath and trust Him. -Jim MacIntosh

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