Lesson for the Lord’s Day

Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11

According to some people who call themselves experts, not all of the items on our daily schedule should be followed every day. Some athletic training experts say athletes perform better when they train six days of the week and rest the seventh. This advice is endorsed in the Scriptures as God includes in the Ten Commandments a weekly day of rest. A dietary expert once told me that those of us who take nutritional supplements should set aside one day each month in which no supplements are taken. There may be some merit in that; I have never tested it. But there is one item that we can include in our daily schedule without any hesitation or concern; that is, the reading of the Scriptures. As today’s text reveals, the Word of God has sound advice for every facet of our lives.

God has given every one of us a role. For some, it is to be the family breadwinner, for some it is to be one of the family breadwinners, for others it is to be a student or a combination of student-parttime worker. Some of these and still others serve as a parent, grandparent and/or retiree. In all of these roles, we are a poor testimony for our Lord if we do not pursue them with a good measure of diligence and energy. If we see our role as being given to us by God, we will not be slothful. That also applies to our participation in God’s business of winning souls and serving His saints.

If we are to be not slothful in our roles, we are also to be fervent in our attitudes. Fervent simply means an eager sincerity in all that we do. In our family lives, our work lives, in our Assembly lives, and in our recreational lives, we ought to display the reality that we are living. After all, as Christians we have not only this life, but eternal life, before us, with an assurance of victory that the world does not know. So why not be fervent about everything we do?

Finally, our text sets before us our primary reason for living: serving the Lord. Serving the Lord is not just for missionaries and preachers; it is for every person who has professed faith in Christ. Serving the Lord involves preparing for whatever service the Lord has for us by reading and studying the Word, by listening and learning whenever the Word is ministered, and by seeking through reading and prayer to learn God’s will for our lives. Serving the Lord involves being a good testimony to those around us by our faithful, loving, and honest life. Serving the Lord involves being whatever help we can be in God’s Assembly in practical and spiritual ways. Serving the Lord also means an active and involved prayer life in which we pray for our own spiritual growth, pray for the souls of the lost all around us, pray for the blessing of each of the Lord’s people, pray for the furtherance of the Gospel both locally and further afield.

God never intended for his people to be lazy. And if we work hard to obey today’s text, we won’t be. – Jim MacIntosh

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