Thought for Thursday

And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two. Matthew 25:17

A large appliance company had many hundreds of employees, most of whom did their work very well. Two of these were Bill, the manager of the sales department, and John, who was in charge of the shipping dock. Bill managed a large sales force, and was responsible for strong growth in sales every year. John had only three helpers, and they did a good job of loading the trucks that came to haul away the company’s products. The managers never needed to worry about the handling of the shipments because John’s little department was efficient, careful, and prompt. When the company decided to replace two of its aging vice-presidents, it selected Bill and John because of their faithful service. Even though John’s department was smaller, he received the same promotion, just like the servant in our text.

If we look at the first two servants in the parable, we find that the one who had doubled the five talents and the one who had doubled the two talents were given identical commendations and rewards. We should find this encouraging today, because as we consider our abilities and talents that the Lord has given us, most of us would place ourselves in the two-talent group. We can appreciate the five-talent Christians, those who are good in many fields of service for our Lord. We see these people who are great prayer warriors, good gospel preachers, good witnesses, good at Bible teaching, good at encouraging and helping other Christians, and many other areas. Sometimes, we feel there is no way that we can measure up to those folks, and we might feel a bit intimidated or even jealous. But our text reminds us that there is no need to be dismayed if our field of service is small. If God has given us less than others in terms of talents, He expects us to work only with those talents.

When the Lord tallies our service for Him, He is not looking for numbers but for faithfulness. If He has made you a two-talent Christian, He desires that you use your two talents, not the talents that He has given to others. Talents given to others are not your responsibility. Talents that you would like to have but don’t are also not your responsibility. Talents that you have received but don’t use are your responsibility, and your failure to use them will result in a loss of reward.

It takes more grace to be a two-talent Christian than a five-talent Christian, and the reward is just as great. Use your two talents well! -Jim MacIntosh

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