Word for Wednesday

And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to every man according to his several ability, and straightway took his journey. Matthew 25:15

A radio station where I worked many years ago used to get compliments on how neatly and attractive its property was. The grass was always kept well trimmed, the flower and shrub beds were weed-free and beautiful, and the parking lots and walkways were swept and neat. The man who looked after the property puttered away at it day after day, and his efforts paid off with a beautiful property. The man was not paid much, not nearly as much as the professional people who worked inside the building. The gardener knew nothing about radio production, or news gathering, or music, or programming. But what he did know, he did well. And he was paid for his work, just like the rest of us were. Maybe he was like the man in our parable, who was given a talent to use, and who was expected to use it.

We can probably be safe in saying that the Lord gives every one of His children at least one talent. Some Christians have many talents, and they use them well. Others have many talents, and they use them poorly, or use only one or two well. Still others have only a few talents, or even just one. All of these talents are abilities and opportunities for serving the Lord and for bringing glory to Him. Young Christians should make a point of discovering what talents they have been given. Older Christians should make a point of reviewing how well we are using those talents we have received. At no time should younger Christians or older Christians make the determination of another Christian’s talents.

Notice in our text that talents were distributed according to the master’s knowledge of the servants’ abilities. Only the Lord knows what your abilities are, although wise and caring Christians can often provide valuable help to younger Christians in determining what those talents are. We should never question the wisdom of the Lord in distributing the talents. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, and can never make a mistake. We defy His decisions at our peril. We should also never be envious about talents that others have received. What any other Christian is and has is between that other Christian and the Lord. If He has given another Christian a talent that you would like to have, you should take that matter up with the Lord and with nobody else.

The master in the parable did not expect his servants to make use of talents that he did not give them. Our Lord does not expect you to use talents He has not given you. But those that He has given you are your responsibility. -Jim MacIntosh

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