Word for Wednesday

And if any man say ought unto you, ye shall say, The Lord hath need of them; and straightway he will send them. Matthew 21:3

Let’s suppose you have a group of people to pick up and take to a Gospel meeting, but you have no car. Just imagine walking into someone’s driveway, opening the car door, slipping inside, and turning on the engine. As you shift into reverse and begin backing the car out onto the road, the owner comes dashing out the front door, shouting, ‘What are you doing with my car?’ You simply roll down the window and shout back, ‘It’s alright, brother, the Lord needs it.’ I don’t know how good your imagination is, but mine doesn’t see this situation going all that well. So why was it supposed to work for the disciples when they went to borrow the donkeys? It was to work because the command came from the Lord Jesus Himself.

Let’s consider that command by considering its parts. First, the words ‘the Lord’ identified the one who required the donkeys. When one of us needs something, we may have some work or some cost to obtain that which we need. But this was the Lord, the eternal God, who required the donkeys, and His word was all that the owners would need to release the donkeys. After all, every donkey that ever lived on this planet belonged first of all to the Lord. When the Lord needs something that we call ours, He is not taking it from us but making use of that which is and always will be His own. This is the truth of His absolute sovereignty. The words ‘hath need’ combine the truth of the absolute sovereignty of the Lord with His absolute poverty. The One Who was rich became poor for our sakes, and now He is in need of a donkey.

It is the same need that He had for a pulpit beside Galilee. He borrowed Peter’s boat, delivered divine wisdom to the multitudes, and delivered a great draught of fishes to Peter and his partners. It is the same need that He had for provision for the crowds in the desert. He borrowed a lad’s lunch and delivered a feast to many thousands. It was the same need that He had for a sepulchre. He borrowed one from Joseph and delivered to us the assurance of the resurrection and everlasting life. The words ‘of them’ tell us that the donkeys had a special purpose that could be fulfilled only by bringing them to the Lord. What a great honour was conferred on those humble beasts that day, a greater honour than that bestowed on any donkey before or since. You and I have lives and abilities and possessions that the Lord has need of today. That means our lives and abilities and possessions can be put to no better purpose and receive no greater honour than to be brought to the Lord to be used according to His desire.

What do we have of which the Lord hath need? We cannot withhold it if we would, so let us give willingly and immediately. -Jim MacIntosh

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