Meditation for Monday

So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes, and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him. Matthew 20:34

Many years ago as a young man, while skating with friends at a local rink, I noticed a pretty young redhead with another girl on the opposite side of the ice. I skated over to have a better look. And that look made a huge difference in the rest of my life as I eventually wooed and wed the pretty redhead. Recent and upcoming weddings remind us that it is often that first look that begins the process of falling in love and happily ever aftering. In our lifetimes, there are many looks that lead to great changes. People have reported that their visits to the Auschwitz death camps where Hitler’s Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews have made a life-long impression on them. Witnesses to terrible murders and deadly accidents report they are changed for the rest of their lives. But the look that two blind men outside Jericho received made the most important change that life can experience.

We don’t know if these two blind men had ever been able to see. But we do know what they saw as soon as their eyes were touched by the Great Physician. The world around them must have been wonderful to behold: the sky and birds, the trees and grass, the crowds of people. But the One Who had given them the eyesight was the only One they were interested in. They did not just stand and admire Him as He went on His way. They followed Him. And as far as we know, they were followers of Him for the rest of their lives. All because they received a look at Him, with the ability to see that He had provided.

These men who were healed are just like all Christians. The greatest look we ever received was that of the Lord Jesus as our Saviour. Because of that look, we became His followers. We will remain His followers all of our days. But there are times when we don’t follow Him as we should. And we sometimes see other Christians who are not following the Lord Jesus in obedient lives. What causes this slackness on our part? What leads Christians to become backsliders? I believe it is the failure to use the spiritual eyesight that the Lord Jesus has given us to focus on Him. The less we behold Him, the more attractive the world and its false ways will appear. But the more we behold Him, the more quickly the tinsel world fades and becomes unimportant.

Those who follow and serve the Lord Jesus the best are those who know Him best and who most appreciate the sight that they have received of Himself. -Jim MacIntosh

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