Sermonette for Saturday

So when his fellowservants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told unto their lord all that was done. Matthew 18:31

A recent news report described a dramatic drop in the number of abortion clinics in the United States. According to the report, hundreds of abortion clinics have closed in recent years, and at least one state has no abortion clinics at all. Much of the credit for this significant decline in the slaughter of unborn children goes to various pro-life groups with their promotion and education campaigns. But while we can appreciate the saving of lives, we must question the motives of Christians who get caught up in such campaigns. We all agree that the slaughter of unborn children through abortions is evil, just as we agree that the campaign of the homosexual community to distort and pervert the holy estate of matrimony is evil. But has God called on us to correct these great evils? I believe our text gives an example of the correct approach by Christians to wrongdoers.

The servants were sorrowed to see one of their companions so mistreated. But did they take into their own hands the act of vengeance? Did they step in and try to correct the wrong? No, they took the matter to their lord, confident that he would take appropriate action. And they were not disappointed. In the same way, it is the duty of Christians to take the wrongs we see around us and present them to our Lord. The world is full of injustices, immorality, and evil deeds. But you and I don’t always know what the purpose of the Lord is when these things happen. We know that His wisdom is sufficient to deal with all of these things. And He will surely let us know if there is anything He wants us to do about them.

Correcting the great evils of the world is not our responsibility. Our responsibility is not to save the world but to present the Saviour to the world. But sadly, we see injustices and unfair situations among the Lord’s people, too. And our approach in these situations should be the same, although we are more likely to be drawn into the situations. Before ever we take any position or action on a dispute or other issue involving other Christians, especially those in our own Assembly, we must take the matter before the Lord in prayer and meditation. And we leave the matter there. We would avoid much misunderstanding and bad feelings among Christians if we used this approach. Yes, the Lord can use us to help resolve issues involving other Christians. But we must wait until we receive instructions from Him before we get involved.

When bad situations happen, how good to know we can take them to the Lord, who will address the matter in His perfect wisdom and power! -Jim MacIntosh

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