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And I brought him to Thy disciples, and they could not cure him. Matthew 17:16

On December 3, 1967, in the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, a team of doctors, led by Dr. Christiaan Barnard, performed the world’s first heart transplant. Although the recipient, Louis Washkansky, lived for only 18 days after the surgery, other transplant recipients followed who lived for several years. Heart transplants now are relatively common, with specialists and equipment in many large hospitals capable of performing such operations. But in 1967, Dr. Barnard was venturing into new and unexplored regions of medicine. Until he successfully performed the first transplants and established the procedures for doing so, no other doctors or hospitals could even think of attempting a heart transplant. There was no cure for a severely diseased heart. Just as the man in our text discovered there was no cure for his son’s demon possession. Until the Lord Jesus arrived.

The man had brought his son to the disciples, and he had high hopes of a cure. After all, these men were students and associates of the great Healer from Galilee. Surely they would know the methods and procedures of their Master. We don’t know what attempts the disciples made to heal the lad; all we know is whatever they tried, it did not work. And the boy and his father were no better off. The lack of a cure meant only one resort: the only One who could heal. Many today are looking for a cure for their sin and guilt, and are going to the wrong places. Instead of going directly to the Lord Jesus, people are flocking to many other fonts of false relief. The cults are prospering as they spread their confusion and false doctrine, just as the mainline denominations of Christendom are spreading their doctrine of religion and good works. Other people are attempting to slake their thirst at the cisterns of pleasure, wealth, power, and philosophies. Like the powerless disciples, these cannot cure. But sadly, they prevent many from seeking the One Who can and will cure.

We who are saved can sing of the sin cleansing power in the blood of the Lamb. We have found that our incurable disease of sin is not incurable after all, not when the case is turned over to the Great Physician. That which is impossible with the efforts and money and ideas of men is gloriously possible when the Lord Jesus steps in.

There are some patients with diseased hearts who cannot be cured, not even with a heart transplant. But there is not one sinner who cannot be saved by the blood of Christ. -Jim MacIntosh

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