Word for Wednesday

He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven, but to them it is not given. Matthew 13:11

We took my boss’s stepchildren with us to visit the Balmoral grist mill, and they had a wonderful time. The beautiful old mill had many features that the children found fascinating, because they had never seen anything like it before. All the way back, they commented on the mill and the delightful visit there. That evening, when their stepfather joined us for the night, they told him about going to the mill. As they described the various features, the huge mill wheel, the wooden gears, the toasting floor, the screens, and the chutes for the grain, he listened intently, but shook his head in lack of understanding. Because he had not seen the inner workings of the mill, he had no idea what they were talking about. It was as though his stepchildren were talking a different language. Just like Christians speaking to the unsaved about the things of the Lord.

Mind you, a grist mill is very unusual, and most young people today have never seen one and have no idea what it is. The things that God has revealed to His people are also uncommon elements to the world around us. The unsaved are so steeped in the need for sinful activities to give them pleasure that they can’t understand how Christians can find delight in the fellowship of the saints, singing hymns and spiritual songs, and in discussing the greatness of our Lord and Saviour. Never having known the forgiveness of sins, they can’t understand the thankfulness and worship that the Christians so readily express. The greedy world’s pursuit of money, power, and popularity has the unsaved blinded to the riches of the Word of God and the blessings of following the will of the Lord in our lives. It is as though we are speaking a different language, which we are, because we are able to enter into the language of Heaven itself.

Heaven will be far more wonderful and glorious than any of us can imagine. But when we arrive, we will be surprised at how much of Heaven will be familiar to us. Take the people, for example. Many of them will be those we have known here on earth. But we will also know the many historical characters who have been an inspiration to us as we read their testimonies. And we will know the biblical characters whose lives we have studied from Scripture. These would all be strangers to the unsaved. The language of Heaven will also be familiar to us. Far more wonderful than even the great English language, the conversation of Heaven will be filled with praise and glory to God and His Son, thankfulness and worship in pure form. This would be gobbledegook to an unsaved person.

As Christians, we really do live in a different world from the unsaved. And we are going to an even better world that would be forever a mystery to the unsaved. -Jim MacIntosh

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