Sermonette for Saturday

And everyone that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand. Matthew 7:26

How many people, do you suppose, who live in China, have never heard the Gospel? The answer would probably be in the many millions. That nation does not allow Gospel preaching, and persecutes those who would share the Gospel. And yet, there is a thriving testimony for Christ in that officially atheist country, and many millions have in fact heard the Gospel and are being saved. Perhaps a more appropriate question would be what percentage of people in China know of the Gospel. We might then compare that percentage with the percentage in Canada who know of the Gospel. I suspect the percentage in China would be higher. The latest census figures show a sharp rise in the numbers of Canadians who have no religious affiliations. Not that religious affiliations have much to do with the Gospel, but not many decades ago, almost everybody believed in God and had some knowledge of the Bible. But today, people around us are not only not responding to the Gospel, most have never even heard it.

There is no Gospel among the false religions that are on the rise around us. And there is surely no Gospel among the rapidly rising numbers of those who do not know and do not care if there is a God. If they know about the Bible, they know only that it ‘has something to do with religion’. Neither is there much opportunity for the Gospel among the so-called Christian denominations; very few of them know anything but dead religion. Some others mingle some Gospel in among their other doctrines, and a few others have clear, plain Gospel preaching. So there are few that actually hear the Gospel. But it is to those few that the Lord Jesus speaks of obedience, of hearing His sayings and doing them.

Scripture makes it clear what is the end of them that obey not the Gospel. We are saddened to see those around us who were raised in Christian homes, cradled in the Gospel, instilled with the Gospel as memory verses in Sunday School, and regular attenders of Assembly Gospel meetings as well as special Gospel series – highly privileged but neglecting to obey the Gospel. How much is their failure to obey the result of our failure to obey?

Christians are given the responsibility to be a testimony to the unsaved. This means presenting them with the Gospel, when appropriate. It also means living before them a life that displays the power and the blessings of the Gospel. It also means fervent prayers on their behalf. Unless we are obedient, we can’t expect to make much of an impression on convincing sinners to be obedient to the Gospel.

Our house of testimony is to be built on the solid rock of obedience to God’s Word. The sandy soil of neglect offers no foundation for us or others. -Jim MacIntosh

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