Food for Friday

And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. Now, where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin. Hebrews 10:17,18

Did you ever delete something from your computer and then wish you hadn’t? It happens to people all the time. Many of these people have discovered that there are programs and people who can recover what had apparently been lost. That is why you should always have your computer’s hard drive professionally erased when you get rid of it… just to make sure that your personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If you really need to, you can make sure that the memory is definitely erased. God has a program like that too; it’s called Salvation.

Many of us have made huge mistakes in our lives, grievous sins that caused us and others much pain. We find ourselves unable to forget those things. Not God! His Salvation program has purged that from His memory. We stumble and stray from God’s path and purposes all the time, and it makes us feel badly. Not God! His Salvation program enables Him to see us, not as the weak and stumbling failures that we often are, but as the saints who are sheltered forever by the blood of His own dear Son. Yes, God knows what we are like. He knows our mistakes and errors, our weaknesses and missteps. But He will not, and cannot hold them against us because we have been forgiven. We have received everlasting life, and none of those things can be placed against our account. God’s Salvation program will not allow those things to be stored in His great database.

So where does that leave us? Free to act as our sinful natures desire? Of course not. When we consider all that God has done for us, and the eternal provision He has given us, we must respond in loving thankful service and worship. Our hearts overflow in gratitude to Him for His Salvation.

Do you appreciate today that God has forever erased your sins from His memory? Does it cause you to be a different person from those who have not received His Salvation? – Jim MacIntosh

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