Thought for Thursday

Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you. 1 Corinthians 1:6

When I was in high school, we had a wonderful English teacher named Kline Langille. He did his best to instill good writing habits into us and to instruct us in the wonderful capabilities of the English language. He taught us to love English, and to use it well. These many years later, those fortunate enough to have been his students still share a great respect for the language that we use. For my part, as a writer, I have used English as my primary tool for making my living, and I remain amazed at the effectiveness with which Mr. Langille laid the foundations for using the world’s greatest language effectively. I hope that I can be called a testimony of his work. But you and I who have trusted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour are even more the testimony of Him Who has saved us.

When we go to work today, or to school, or to any place where other people are, we are a testimony to our Saviour. Our words should be different from the profane babblings of the lost. Our actions should be reflective of the kindness and compassion of Jesus the Nazarene. Our attitudes should display the glorious certain hope that we have in a home in Heaven and in the imminent rapture of the Saints when our Lord returns for us. Our lives should be directed toward others, as Jesus lived. Everything He did was for others, so our unselfishness is a testimony for Him.

What do the people around you know about Jesus Christ? What do they know of His great eternal love for sinners? What do they know of His desire that poor, undeserving creatures will share the joys of Heaven forever with Him? Most of these people will never read the Bible. Instead, they read you and me. We are His witnesses.

Are you a true testimony for Jesus today? Or will you send out mixed signals that will serve no good for the Saviour’s great cause? – Jim MacIntosh

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