Word for Wednesday

Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward. 2 John 8

When Tompkins Industries was trying to increase its hydraulic hose repair business, one of the employees came up with the idea of allowing customers to select from an assortment of Buck knives when they had brought in ten hoses for repair or replacement. The promotion worked well. Tompkins became a very popular place to get hydraulic hoses repaired. Tompkins also became one of the largest distributors of Buck knives in the United States. The company was able to buy them at a very good price and provide them as a reward to loyal customers who found them very attractive. God has a reward system too, and He is going to hand out something far more glorious than a Buck knife, to all those loyal Christians who don’t lose the things that they have received.

Did you notice who John says is responsible for holding onto the truths and doctrines that have been taught? Look to yourselves! It’s easy to blame others for no longer standing up for the truth, or for allowing little errors and bad language to corrupt. Finger pointing, John reminds us, begins with ourselves. What is our stand on the New Testament Assembly principles that we profess to hold? Godly men of years ago strove hard, paid a great price, and faithfully taught those truths that they mined from the Scriptures. It cost us little to receive them. And God promises us a reward if we hold onto them.

We face a huge challenge these days. There is a massive assault on our young people to go along with the popular ideas and approaches. Entertainment venues that young people 50 years ago would never have considered attending are drawing crowds of today’s young Christians. Practices that Assemblies of yesteryear found to be wisely followed are being challenged and questioned. Many of our young people do not have a firm grasp on all the truth. As a result, they will lose out on some of the rewards that God would have for them.

What sort of reward would keep you loyal to a specific repair shop? Would a Buck knife do it? OK, then, what sort of reward would keep you loyal to God’s Assembly and the principles for which it stands? Would a golden crown do it? – Jim MacIntosh

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