Tidings for Tuesday

And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land, and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and sleep in the woods. Ezekiel 34:25

I was only four years old at the time, but memories of the event remain with me to this day. I had made my way into the woods by a woods road that I had seen my father and a neighbour use all morning to bring logs out to the field. Unknown to me, he had not gone back into the woods, but had taken the horses to the neighbour’s barn so he – and they – could have their noon meal. As I made my way along the logging road, I reached a place where the woods seemed to be much darker ahead of me. In my child’s thinking, I felt it to be much safer to turn to the left, and proceed parallel to that dark area. I clearly remember thinking about those dark woods, saying to myself, ‘That’s where the bears are’. I don’t know if there were any bears around; I didn’t see any. And I didn’t want to. Even as a small child, I knew there were dangers in the woods, dangers that our text says are going to be removed.

Wild animals have been a mortal threat to people throughout history. But in truth, it is not their fault. Before Adam’s fall in Eden, no animal offered any threat to a person who might wish to sleep in the woods. It was our federal representative who caused the change. Animals became wild, and some of them dangerous, because of sin. Their wildness and the peril caused by fang and claw will only be removed when sin is removed. It might not seem important to you, but to me it’s a fascinating thing that in the Millenium reign of Christ, people will safely sleep in the woods. It’s just a little illustration of the change that will be wrought when this world is in subjection to the Last Adam.

The first Adam failed in his responsibility to God, to us, to his garden, and to the animals over which God had given him dominion. The Lord Jesus will not fail, and has not failed. His righteous rule and dominion will show us what earth should have been like under the first Adam. Beauty and peace and comfort will become the norm. It will be wonderful to see. We will be amazed. But let us never forget that His reign will not begin after Armageddon. It has already begun, for those who acknowledge Him as King and Lord. And, in many ways, He is taming the wild animals that would threaten us: the fears, sorrows, and discouragements of life, even the great king of terrors, death, has been vanquished.

To the child of God who learns to trust the Lord, there are no perils that disturb our sleep, because of His covenant of peace. – Jim MacIntosh

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